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Chemistry in Japan

Page 5

Ehud Keinan

The Chemical Society of Japan: Striving for Chemical Sciences and Technology for a Sustainable Human Society

Page 6-11

Mitsuo Sawamoto 

Peptide Cyclization Methodologies Amenable to in Vitro Display

Page 12-19

Hiroaki Suga and Ata Abbas

Supramolecular Polymerization: Personal History and Outlook Towards a Sustainable Future

Page 20-25

Takuzo Aida and Kiyoshi Morishita 

Cooperative Catalysis for Organic Synthesis

Page 26-31

Yoshiaki Nakao 

New Insights into Bond Homolysis Process and Discovery of Novel Bonding System (C–π–C)

Page 32-41

Manabu Abe, Zhe Wang, and Rikuo Akisaka 

From structural to functional materials: a green way to produce functional biopolymers based on polypeptides

Page 42-47

Keiji Numata and Kousuke Tsuchiya 

Nanoporous Chemical Plants: MOFs as Polymer Manufacturers

Page 48-55

Takashi Uemura and Keat Beamsley 

Reactivity prediction through quantum chemical calculations

Page 56-63

Satoshi Maeda, Yu Harabuchi, Taisuke Hasegawa, Kimichi Suzuki, and Tsuyoshi Mita 

Therapeutic in vivo synthetic chemistry by glycosylated artificial metalloenyzmes for innovative biomedical modality

Page 64-71

Katsunori Tanaka and Tsung-Che Chang 

Pillar-Shaped Macrocyclic Hosts Pillar[n]arenes: From Simple Receptors to Supramolecular Assemblies

Page 72-79

Tomoki Ogoshi 

Two-Electrode Solar Water Splitting Permitting H2 Separation at a Dark Cathode

Page 80-87

Ken Sakai and Hironobu Ozawa 

"Think Globally, Act Locally" An interview with Prof. Ryōji Noyori

Page 88-95

Ehud Keinan

"A Scientist and A Musician:" Tête-à-tête with Eiichi Nakamura

Page 96-103

Ehud Keinan

A History of Chemistry in Japan, 1820-1955

Page 104-113

Yoshiyuki Kikuchi and Yona Siderer 

Science Diplomacy: where chemistry is crucial

Page 114-118

John M Webb, Thomas H Spurling, and Gregory W Simpson

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