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Chemistry in Türkiye 

Page 4

Ehud Keinan

FACS participation in ACS Spring 2024 

Page 5

Mustafa Culha and Reuben Hwu

After a Century: The History of Turkish Chemical Society (1919-2023) 

Pages 6-11

Bahattin Yalçın, Barbaros Akkurt, Tahsin Kızılay

Risotto Fantasies to Synchrotron Facilities: What do Truffle Risotto and Synchrotrons have in common? 

Pages 12-17

Emrah Özensoy

The key role of electrocatalysts in electrochemical technologies for sustainable clean energy 

Pages 18-31

Ramazan Solmaz, Murat Farsak, Gülfeza Kardaş  

E-Mobility versus E-Fuel Mobility

Pages 32-39

Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci

Functionalized Graphene and Applications 

Pages 40-49

İlhan A. Aksay 

Carbon dots derived from Arginine as metal-free catalysts for rapid hydrogen production  

Pages 52-59

Sahin Demirci, Betul Ari, Selin S. Suner, Nurettin Sahiner

How do small gas molecules interact with copper surfaces?  

Pages 60-65

Baran Eren 

An Academic Adventure from the Transition Metal Nanocatalysts

Pages 66-79

Önder Metin, Melek Sermin Özer, Zafer Eroğlu

Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Biological System

Pages 82-89

Ertug Avci and Mustafa Culha 

Major Achievements in the Analytical Chemistry of Antioxidants and Explosives 

Pages 90-107

R. Apak, A. Arda, S. Demirci-Çekiç, S. E. Çelik, M. Bener, B. Bekdeşer, Z. Can, Ş. Sağlam

The road to lower detection limits  The road to lower detection limits

Pages 108-115

Dotse Selali Chormey, Buse Tuğba Zaman, Sezgin Bakırdere

Thienothiophene Based Materials for Organic Electronics

Pages 116-123

Recep Isci, Turan Ozturk 

Facile Production of Polymer-Nanometal Composite Nanofiber Catalyst Having Good Catalytic Activity 

Pages 124-131

Ozbal Aysegul, Butun Sengel Sultan, Gokkus Kutalmis, Butun Vural

Self-healing and shape-memory in mechanically robust hydrogels

Pages 132-141

Oguz Okay

Metal salt doped polydimethylsiloxane-urea copolymers

Pages 142-147

Emel Yilgör, Arzu Angi, Ipek Atay and Iskender Yilgör

Revolutionizing Chemical Design and Immobilization Techniques

Pages 148-157

Faezeh Ghorbanizamani, Hichem Moulahoum, Suna Timur

Elastic Network Models In Protein Dynamics: Bridging Simplicity and Complexity 

Pages 158-165

Mert Gur, Mert Golcuk, Ivet Bahar 

A History of Chemistry In Türkiye from 1700 to 1913

Pages 166-175

İlknur Şahin

Interview with Prof. Ivet Bahar

Pages 176-187

Ehud Keinan

The 19th Asian Chemical Congress, July 9-14, 2023

Pages 188-198

Ehud Keinan

Back cover, BRC-5 

Page 200

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