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FACS Projects

Approved at the 37th Ex-Co Meeting on 11 Jan 2001 at Hawaii

Corrected at the 40th Ex-Co Meeting on 15 Dec 2001 at Singapore

1. Project Directors must submit before the end of the year their proposals for use of the Seed Money for the next year. For 2002, they must submit their proposals by the end of June (This sentence is deleted on July 1 2002).

2. The Coordinator of Projects shall approve the use of the money in consultation with the President and Treasurer.

3. All variation from the proposals shall be subject to new approval.

4. The funds not spent by 31 Dec expire unless special approval has been requested to the Coordinator of Projects by 31 Dec for carry-over for the next year. The fund carried over from the previous year cannot be carried over any more.

5. Seed fund shall be used for the following purposes:

Support of participants or speakers from countries of the region to a Workshop, Seminar or Meeting approved by FACS.

No person shall be sponsored more than once during the 2 years period.

Up to 25% of the seed money shall be used to cover incidental costs of the Project Director to organize the project. 

Up to 25% of the seed money shall be used to prepare documents or reports of the project. 

Up to 50% of the seed money shall be used to fund travel of the Project Director or Co-Director to a FACS approved Workshop, Seminar or Meeting. 

For any other use, prior approval shall be obtained from the Ex-Co.

6. Project Directors must give a report of the Meeting, Seminar or Workshop and details of the use of the Seed Money, before money can be released by the Treasurer.

7. The report shall contain the highlights of the project, progress, resolutions or recommendations (if any) and photographs. The report shall be considered for publication in the FACS Newsletter.

8. The grant shall only be released if the society is in benefit, that is, its subscription has been paid.

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