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Asian Chemists speak with one voice

Page 5

Ehud Keinan

FACS in the 21st century

Page 6

Reuben Jih-Ru Hwu and Dave Winkler

Welcome from IUPAC

Page 7

Christopher Brett and Richard Hartshorn

EuChemS congratulates FACS on its 40th Anniversary

Page 8

Floris Rutjes, Pilar Goya Laza and David Cole-Hamilton

Greetings from the American Chemical Society

Page 9

Luis Echegoyen, H.N. Cheng and Bonnie Charpentier

String Theories: Chemical Secrets of Italian Violins and Chinese Guqins

Page 10

Bruce Tai and Wenjie Cai

Reticular Chemistry and Harvesting Water from Desert Air

Page 18

Cheng-Hsin Liu, Ha L. Nguyen and Omar Yaghi

Material Challenges for Colloidal Quantum Nanostructures in Next Generation Displays

Page 26

Yossef E. Panfil, Meirav Oded, Nir Waiskopf and Uri Banin

Microbes 2.0: Engineering Microbes with Nanomaterials

Page 36

Rong Cai, Ji Min Kim,Stefano, Cestellos-Blanco, Jianbo Jin, and Peidong Yang

Engines of discovery: Computers in advanced synthesis planning and identification of drug candidates

Page 42

Bartosz A. Grzybowski

CO2 Recycling: The Conversion of Renewable Energy into Chemical Fuels

Page 50

Niyazi Serdar Sariciftci

Interview with Prof. Yuan Tseh Lee

Page 56

Ehud Keinan

Chemistry in a post-Covid-19 world

Page 60

Goverdhan Mehta, Alain Krief, Henning Hopf and and Stephen Matlin

The Federation of Asian Chemical Societies: Forty years on

Page 68

Thomas H. Spurling and John M. Webb

The 18th Asian Chemical Congress and the 20th General Assembly of the FACS

Page 72

Ehud Keinan

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